Whats the Point? (are you even listening)


The point is his patients won’t move with him. It is going to take a whole lot of convincing for him to convince all of his patients to move where he is going because of the high taxes. They may even have to agree where they will move and there will be a lot of factors that would weigh into their decision.

The doctor would be lucky if he was able to convince one of his patients to move with him. There are going to be a lot of factors that would affect the decision of his patients including their jobs and the status of their children. It is possible his children already likes living in Minnesota including having friends and studying in a nice school. The patients may also have a partner that has loyal friends already in Minnesota and those friends are hard to find since some people just pretend to be friends so they can get something out of you when they need it. The citizens who would agree to this change in scenery are the senior citizens but the young ones will surely protest. The elections in the United States are near and we are going to see a change in leadership. Let us all hope this person does the right thing in regards to the high taxes in Minnesota. We all know that this coupon won’t last, so hurry and vote.

Minnesota is a nice place and a lot of people should live here in order to make it more beautiful and attractive to tourists.

The Amount (the crazy amount)


The amount is a whopping $1 Billion and that is definitely no joke. It won’t be long before the population of Minnesota would be really low but that would actually eliminate traffic which might be the mission all along. The liberal Minnesota Budget project looked at the situation at an entirely different way though. They are saying that when someone from Minnesota moves out of the state then their income does not go with them. For example, when a Minnesota doctor moves out of the state, he is going to have to get new patients and that is going to be awfully hard.

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